Funeral Singer

mary-harford-funeral-singerThe Final Farewell – Choose Professional Funeral Singer

At a time of loss and sadness choosing the right funeral songs and the best funeral singer for a farewell tribute can be a difficult task. Mary will guide you through her selection of funeral music, find the most suitable tune and make the service warm and loving. She can help you through this sorrowful time by advising you on which funeral songs to use and when each one should be performed.

From Hyms to more recent pieces, Mary will tailor the funeral songs to meet your requirements. With the experience she has as the funeral singer you will be able to decide with ease on a list of songs that will be truly fitting to the ceremony.

Music can be one of the most emotional tributes to your loved one. The singer will help you to convey your message through melody and lyrics. The tone of Mary’s Mezzo Soprano voice is perfect for consoling vocalisation of your grief.

In the sad moments like these, one needs all the support and help possible. Every life had its own unique story and the last farewell should be personal and custom-made. Mary knows how important that is, so feel free to discuss with her any requirements you have for your loved one’s service.